A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game Length: 25 - 30 min.

Price: Free.

Platforms: MacOS, Windows.

Made By: Lucas A. V. Møller.



"I... I need you to help me not become like them. I'm in a situation where I just can't. That's why all of this has ever come into being. Me listening through the old tapes I found. Editing them for years."

In Knotmen, you play as fathers and sons who never manage to see eye to eye. As the player, you steer which side of the screen you want to control. Each side plays  recordings from that character's dictaphone diary. You'll only be able to hear one side at a time. A narrator named Nohr guides you into the story. A game he's made from drawings he did as a kid. And at the end, he needs you to help him make an important decision. But you'll have to listen to his story first -- and that of his father and his father -- before you'll be able to hear Nohr out. The story of the Knotmen.


Knotmen is a game made for a university project titled "Bound to the Flaw: Committing the Player to the Mistakes Committed." The general idea of the project was to explore how a tangible framework for tragic gameplay might be formulated, based on abstract theory, and see if it would work in practice. See the report attached for more info + sound effects credits. 

This game is an experiment in narrative design.


Knotmen, the game.zip 363 MB
Bound to the Flaw - Report - Lucas A. V. Møller.pdf 983 kB

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